Prevent analytics and monitoring tools to record Testize visits.

Many websites nowadays use various 3rd party web analytical services, such as Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics, Crazy Egg, Yandex.Metrica, etc.

One of the side effects of using these services is that all non-human visits are recorded with 100% bounce rate, affecting results. Non-human visits are detected by time spend on site and your behaviour on site, which cannot be reproduced by web testing tools effectively. To overcome this issue, you can use one of the following appoaches:

  • "Active approach" - to prevent visits from Testize (or any other service) being recorder first place. In order to achieve that, special code has to be added to the website that wraps analytics code snippet with a condition that checks for request's originating IP and header values. When the request is identified coming from Testize, the analytics code should not be activated.
  • "Passive approach" - to filter visits from specific IP addresses. The following article describes how to set up such filters in Google Analytics ( Other major analytics and monitoring tools should have similar capabilities.
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